Activewear Grows Up as Businesses Evolve

Spandex isn’t budging when it comes to activewear’s hold on the market and now business models within the segment are evolving to keep pace.
Active Collective completes its two-day run Friday after expanding to new space at the Anaheim Convention Center from its previous hotel venue in Huntington Beach, Calif. The new venue colocates the sister Swim Collective and brings even greater diversity to what the term activewear now comes to define.
“Any time a trend goes through a cycle, [the market says] ‘It’s going to end. It’s going to end.’ [Activewear’s] become its own staple. It’s a lot more stable. We’re not waiting for a trend to end. I see the expansion aspect of it and we, outside of a few brands, we’re only touching on the female side of the business,” said Roy Turner, Emerald Expositions senior vice president and show director, as he indicated the potential in growing men’s at future shows along with related offerings such as beach.
Continuation of trends around lacing, cutouts and colorblocking is still there, as some companies pushed design with puffy sleeve bombers or spandex jumpsuits.
Veronica Perez, a sales executive at Figur Activ, reported brisk sales of a sports bra with crisscross side detailing

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Activewear Grows Up as Businesses Evolve

Activewear Grows Up as Businesses Evolve


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