Asked & Answered: The Collectors at Sneaker Con 2017

The New York edition of Sneaker Con 2017, which took place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on Dec. 16 and 17, was the largest to date. According to Yu-Ming Wu, Sneaker Con’s cofounder, the convention, which was full of mostly shoppers and sneaker resellers, drew 19,000 people over the weekend — and tickets were $25 a piece. Here, some of the attendees detailed what they were looking for, their favorite releases of 2017 and how they purchase their sneakers.
Erik Park

Erik Park 
Andrew Morales/WWD

WWD: What brings you here?
E.P.: Just networking.
WWD: What do you do?
E.P.: I work in the sneaker industry.
WWD: What’s been your favorite release of 2017?
E.P.: The Sean Weatherspoon Nike Air Maxes I’m wearing.
WWD: How did you get them?
E.P.: I bought them from Rif Los Angeles. Shout out to Rif. We did a show with them maybe two weeks ago and they were selling at pretty good prices.
Zion Alegore and Jamel Thorton 

Zion Alegore and Jamel Thorton 
Andrew Morales/WWD

WWD:  What are you looking for?
J.T.: I’m just here for the experience because I’ve never been here before. It seems exciting and I like what I’m seeing.
WWD:  What’s been your favorite purchase for 2017?
J.T.: These blue Jordan 5s. I went to this Kicks USA store, they didn’t

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Asked & Answered: The Collectors at Sneaker Con 2017

Asked & Answered: The Collectors at Sneaker Con 2017


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