Dressember Puts Dresses to Work Against Sex Trafficking

Many people go through rotations of dresses every December for countless holiday and New Year’s parties, but for those participating in Dressember, getting dolled up comes with a dose of do-gooding.
“Dressember is an annual campaign where people wear dresses every day during the month of December as a way to raise awareness and money for anti-trafficking organizations,” the organization’s co-founder and chief executive officer Blythe Hill explains. “We focus specifically on sex trafficking, but there are all forms of trafficking as well that go into it. “
Hill got the idea for the dress-a-day style challenge in college, and later connected it with her passion for eradicating sex trafficking.
“There are more people alive today in slavery than ever before in history – the numbers are upwards of 36 million people. It’s a $150 billion industry and the vast majority of people trapped in trafficking are women and girls. It’s one of the fastest growing criminal industries,” she says. “When I started hearing about it I was in college and I just felt this immediate urgency to do something about it. At the time, I was an English major and didn’t know [what to do]. I was like, ‘ok, should

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Dressember Puts Dresses to Work Against Sex Trafficking

Dressember Puts Dresses to Work Against Sex Trafficking


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