Paris Insider Addresses: Colin Field

 Paris Insider Addresses: Colin Field, head bartender at the Ritz’s Bar Hemingway 
“I like a bar which is quiet because the Bar Hemingway is constantly roaring with people, and I love a bar where you can sit down and just talk to the bartender,” said Colin Field, who shared his black book of addresses for when he has a rare night off. Though Field also appreciates a night in.
“The best bar in Paris is the bar in my home,” quipped Field. “I go there quite often, the dry martinis and the Manhattans on ice are well served, straight from the bottle, no silly measurers, good ice and the cigars are excellent, too.”
For hotel bars, he is particularly fond of the Maison Souquet and its interior, which is “rather like a maison close from the 19th century.”

Maison Souquet 
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“There are never a lot of people there,” said Field. “The bar is very well equipped and the cocktails are excellent. The bartenders are usually from hotel schools, which is a definite plus. I love this hotel with its little rooms that remind me somewhat of a famous hotel called L’Hôtel on the Rue des Beaux-Arts.”
One of his favorite bars is Moonshiner on Rue Sedaine in

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Paris Insider Addresses: Colin Field

Paris Insider Addresses: Colin Field


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