Rebecca Minkoff Apologizes for Late Shipments

Rebecca Minkoff experienced some major problems with late shipments and poor customer service this holiday season, and the company is working to fix the situation.
Minkoff, cofounder and creative director, posted an apology on Facebook and Instagram Friday afternoon saying she was “horrified to hear/see/read” from a number of loyal and vocal customers that the company let them down this holiday. “I’m sorry,” she wrote.
The designer blamed the late shipments and problems filling orders on a new third-party warehouse facility. “It has become increasingly clear that our new partner hasn’t kept up with our expectations, their contractual commitments, or our peak season customer demand,” she wrote. “We and they are working around the clock to identify and resolve open orders. We’re working with them to identify a solution to make sure that we have the opportunity to earn back our most valuable asset, the trust and support of our most loyal customers.”
WWD reached out to the company on Tuesday to see what steps they were taking to address the problems. Uri Minkoff, cofounder and chief executive officer of Minkoff, said, “We met with our distribution partner just before the holidays. We’re meeting again later this week. Although they have assured us

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Rebecca Minkoff Apologizes for Late Shipments

Rebecca Minkoff Apologizes for Late Shipments


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