Why Jeremy Scott Is Obsessed With the Eighties

For Jeremy Scott, the Eighties isn’t a cyclical trend to be recalled every few years. The decade shaped his colorful, flamboyant aesthetic beginning in elementary school, while breaking down gender and social mores in a way that he says is especially relevant today. For the designer, being “obsessed” means living the dream: “My fashion sketches as a kid were always of pop stars wearing the designers I was excited about. Lo and behold, that’s still where I am today.” Here, he talks about the decade that keeps on giving:
WWD: Who were your biggest Eighties idols?
Jeremy Scott: My icons were Lisa Bonet and what she was wearing on “The Cosby Show.” I still think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Another one to whom I attribute a lot of my persona and how I wanted to look was Cyndi Lauper. The fact she was using thrift store clothes in such a brash, fun and unapologetic way really opened my mind at such a young age.
WWD: In what ways did the pop stars of the Eighties influence you?
J.S.: They mixed gender stereotypes in a way that was mainstream. You had Boy George looking like a woman, Annie Lennox dressing

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Why Jeremy Scott Is Obsessed With the Eighties

Why Jeremy Scott Is Obsessed With the Eighties


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