Christian Lacroix’s Nicolas Topiol Stands By His Brand

If there’s one thing Nicolas Topiol has learned during his tenure as chief executive officer of Christian Lacroix, it’s how to pivot.
When the French brand in May 2009 fell into administration after accumulating an estimated $150 million in losses since its 1987 inception by the namesake designer, Topiol decided to exit the costly ready-to-wear and couture businesses, even though the brand was known for Lacroix’s signature pouf skirts and colorful, decorative gowns, to focus on a few licensed categories.
While many in the fashion industry thought the brand would disappear, Topiol said he was always a believer. “I knew that I had a beautiful brand in my hands,” he said, as Christian Lacroix celebrates its 30th anniversary. “At the end of the day, it’s all about the brand.”
The brand has proven resilient, logging sales of $160 million to $180 million at retail in 2017 , Topiol said.
When Topiol embarked on the company’s next chapter in 2010, he realized that Lacroix had an image problem — it was so closely tied to haute couture that it was seen as unaffordable by the majority of consumers. “We had scarves that cost thousands of euros,” he said. “Part of the strategy was to do gift items and

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Christian Lacroix’s Nicolas Topiol Stands By His Brand

Christian Lacroix’s Nicolas Topiol Stands By His Brand


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