Cop Copine’s Doctor Will See You Now

Cop Copine’s U.S. chief executive officer Lillie Mosaddegh is not the typical ceo.
Mosaddegh is an optometrist who was a loyal shopper of the brand and is now overseeing the company’s efforts to grow in the U.S.
In March Cop Copine launched e-commerce Stateside and it’s now looking for real estate to open more stores.
“It’s moving along well. This has been mainly organic [growth],” Mosaddegh said of online traffic, pointing out that a greater social media presence would help push sales even further. “In this day and age, a lot of people just don’t go in boutiques anymore.”
Cop Copine currently counts two stores, one in Pasadena and the other in San Francisco. It’s looking at additional locations in Los Angeles and New York.
“Parisians in general, the ladies, for example: a more mature lady doesn’t mind wearing dresses that are above the knee and the U.S. market, in those aspects, it’s a little bit different,” Mosaddegh said in connecting a French brand to a U.S. audience. “Our line doesn’t discriminate against age, but sometimes the ladies could be a little bit conservative [in the U.S.]. People who are attracted to our line have very European taste. It’s been fascinating because when we started

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Cop Copine’s Doctor Will See You Now

Cop Copine’s Doctor Will See You Now


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