Designers Pick Favorite Decades in Fashion

Every designer has referenced style from the past at some point in his or her career. WWD posed the question, “Do you have a favorite fashion decade?” to designers across the fashion capitals. Here are their answers:
Giorgio Armani: “Personally I believe the Eighties have been the richest and more vivacious period for international fashion. It was a moment of disruption and experimentation and only thinking back to the first years of that decade is always an emotion for me, for what they have meant to me and my work. In sync with my personal taste, I am extremely fascinated by the Thirties, which have often inspired me. They were years of emancipation, which defined a new concept of luxury and elegance, perhaps the most refined decade of the last century.”
Marc Jacobs: “I don’t know what’s my favorite decade. I like the Seventies, I guess, probably because I grew up in the Seventies, and it’s when I started to become interested in fashion. I like the styling, and there are lots of different looks within that period. I like the Sixties, too, I like the Twenties, I like the Thirties, I like the Forties. But the Seventies are when I came into the realization

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Designers Pick Favorite Decades in Fashion

Designers Pick Favorite Decades in Fashion


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