Influence Peddler: Yang Mi

Yang Mi, the 31-year-old actress and global ambassador for Michael Kors, is an unusual presence on social media. Her Sino Weibo microblogging account, with an astounding 77.5 million followers, is updated sporadically with cat pictures, brand partner posts and selfies in which the actress famously shows only half her face.
Her demeanor is serious and she rarely smiles, which makes Mi an unusual female celebrity presence in China — and also Asia more broadly — where cute and kitschy personas have traditionally been popular with young fan girls. But in giving very little away, Mi has managed to make the masses want ever more.
Mi’s style, and her penchant for mixing high and low, couture and street, is also a major draw for young followers in China who are seeking a fashion path more nuanced than the homogenous top-to-toe looks that were popular with previous generations of Chinese consumers, who focused purely on labels to convey style status. “[Yang Mi] very much puts her own imprint on what she wears, she could wear a boy’s suit and it would still feel feminine and elegant,” said Michael Kors, during a recent trip to Shanghai. “When we work with actresses and celebrities, I like

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Influence Peddler: Yang Mi

Influence Peddler: Yang Mi


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