Now and Then: Fashion Decades of Yore Trigger Passions

Memories may be beautiful, and yet…
In fashion, they make a high-glam Hydra — enchanting, compelling, quizzical, off-putting. Some people consider fashion’s ongoing reliance on memories — whether sprung from firsthand experience or actual or acquired vicariously, via research — the industry’s scourge, (one of them, anyway), their manifestation on runways fodder for the claim originality is dead, and designers far too dependent on pilfering the past rather than developing newness.
Such contretemps are as retro as a skinny shirt and hip-huggers. Coco Chanel said famously that “only those with no memory insist on their originality.” Several years ago, no less a creative genius than Rei Kawakubo told WWD that, as time passes and her creative portfolio deepens, it gets increasing challenging not to repeat herself. (That didn’t keep her from delivering a spectacularly inventive spring collection.) In between, in October 1994, during the spring 1995 collections in New York, WWD ran a feature in which we solicited industry opinions on the state of fashion during what proved a mega-retro season. (Back then, New York followed Europe, so all three European cities had already shown, allowing for a powerful in-season sample.) In fact, laments over creative stagnation go way back, predating modern

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Source: Women’s Wear Daily
Now and Then: Fashion Decades of Yore Trigger Passions

Now and Then: Fashion Decades of Yore Trigger Passions


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